Nanobiodevices Using Nanostructures

Technology of CellArray

Nanodot Array Technology

Nanostructures of Various Shapes and Sizes can be Fabricated
 The geometric surface of CellArray-Heart™ is based on our original nanofabrication technology Nanodot Array™.
 It realizes surface nanostructures ranging from nm to µm in pitch that are used for various applications such as optics, analytical chemistry, as well as biomedical fields.

CellArray-Heart™ has fine stripe structures
that aligns cardiomyocytes and other cells.

Fine Stripe Structure to Orient Cells

Adopting Nanodot Array technology

 CellArray-Heart™ features surface nanostructure that orients cardiomyocytes and other cells. The surface consists of nanodot areas and flat areas alternately arranged in stripes, giving different cell adhesion strengths, and controlling the cell orientation.

Controlling Cell Orientation by Simply Seeding

CellArray-Heart™ induces rapid cell orientation.

CellArray-Heart™ can induce orientation of iPS cardiomyocytes within 7 days after seeding.
 In addition, the orientation maturates morphology and physiological activity of sells, hence can be used for drug saftey testing and regenerative medicine research.
Immediately after seeding, cells migrate, adhere, and elongate at the surface, showing orientation along the stripes.

For regenerative medicine use

By coating the surface with material that enables cell detachment, the oriented cell sheet can be removed from the substrate. If it is necessary to use such a modified CellArray-Heart™, please contact us.
  • -Orientation has been confirmed in cardiomyocytes, myoblasts, and fibroblasts, but it may not be suitable for orientation depending on the cell type and culture conditions.
  • -Optical interference coloring (rainbow pattern) is observed on the culture surface of the substrate, but this is structural coloring caused by the nanostructure that does not affect cell culture and microscopic observation. Under the microscope, the stripe pattern at the bottom structure can be observed.
  • -This product is disposable and cannot be used repeatedly.