CellArray™ Product Information

Product lineup

35mm dish and 96-well plate
Two types are available for different uses.

CellArray-Heart™ 35mm dish

For regenerative medicine research
Mature-oriented iPS cardiomyocytes sheets can be produced.*
*By coating the surface with material that enables cell detachment, the oriented cell sheet can be removed from the substrate. If it is necessary to use such a modified CellArray-Heart™, please contact us.

CellArray-Heart™ 96-well Plate

For research of drug response
Cardiotoxicity can be evaluated with matureoriented iPS cardiomyocytes.

Product specifications

For sale in Japan only.
Please contact us for overseas sales.
  • -Orientation has been confirmed in cardiomyocytes, myoblasts, and fibroblasts, but it may not be suitable for orientation depending on the cell type and culture conditions.
  • -Optical interference coloring (rainbow patterns) is observed on the culture surface of the substrate, but this is structural coloring caused by the nanostructure that does not affect cell culture and microscopic observation. Under the microscope, the stripe pattern at the bottom structure can be observed.
  • -This product is sold for research and development purposes only. Please note that we cannot guarantee the safety of the product when used for purposes other than research and development.
  • -This product is disposable and cannot be used repeatedly.
  • -Specifications and prices of this product are subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this in advance.